Assignment 08/09: Stairs

Stairs, Round 5 of Laleham Camera Club's Assignment Competition for 2008/2009

Goncalo Lacerda-MachadoBig Ben47330110
David ThwaiteKew Gardens Greenhouse41231100
Nigel OrganStairs on Top of La Pedra Rooftop38123111
Gill NealRed Sandals on Garden Steps29112201
Gill NealBlue Fire Escape23022003
Goncalo Lacerda-MachadoRenaissance Staircase23110130
Richard GudgeSpiral Staircase22201010
Stefan RychlowskiNatural History Museum20101121
Andrew Leam-TaylorStairs Rome19101120
Alex LukeStraight Up12001210
Alex LukeBack to Basics12100101
David ThwaiteMinax Theatre11001112
Stefan RychlowskiKempton Waterworks9010011
Nigel OrganEscalators in Barcelona4000101
Andrew Leam-TaylorBy The Tibre1000001
Richard GudgeStone Stairs1000001

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