Glazer Trophy 08/09: Round 4

Round 4 of Laleham Camera Club's Glazer Trophy Photographic Competition for 2008/2009.

David ThwaiteSunbury Golf Course49420110
Gill NealFrosted Azalea30110420
Alex LukeDon't Fence Me In29121110
Stefan RychlowskiLondon Zoo26202010
Nigel OrganSnowy Copse In Windsor Great Park24121000
Christos MichaelidesWadesdon Manor21012112
Stefan RychlowskiJet Ski21110031
Goncalo Lacerda-MachadoSintra Palace19011211
Richard GudgeAnd Don't Forget the Joker18101111
Nigel OrganAir Bubbles on Lilly Stem14110000
Andrew Leam-TaylorAvian Weapon11002100
David ThwaiteGarden in Yorkshire9001013
Gill NealCakes and Reflections6010000
Goncalo Lacerda-MachadoChurch4001000
Alex LukeRibbons3000003
Andrew Leam-TaylorForum Rome3000100
Christos MichaelidesPeaceful1000001
Angela QuintanaBird0000000
Angela QuintanaWarrior0000000

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