Assignment 07/08: Landscape

Landscape, Round 3 of Laleham Camera Club's Assignment Competition for 2007/2008.

David ThwaiteLoch Ness38132101
Jeffrey AndrewsArizona Sunset35220120
David ThwaiteUlswater33112302
Gill NealScottish Hills & Heather28200230
Gill NealHarvest Field & Sky22022010
Ann MoodyPond & greenery20103000
Stefan RychlowskiIreland20110111
Marcus ReynoldsHasting East Lift20200012
Alex LukeOwl's Eye View15001213
Lydia IrvineDawn in France15110001
Richard GudgeFrench Landscape14101010
Ann MoodyRock Scape13101001
Dale IrvineMountain View12020000
Alex LukeThe Motte Lake12101000
Stefan RychlowskiThe Reading Room11010110
Jeffrey AndrewsNevada Desert9000122
Lydia IrvineFlooded Gate9010100
Dale IrvineFlooding6001010
Marcus ReynoldsWindsor4000101
Richard HowlesConfusion0000000
Richard GudgeSurrey Sunday Morning0000000
Richard HowlesRed Water0000000

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