Glazer Trophy 06/07: Round 1

Round 1 of Laleham Camera Club's Glazer Trophy Photographic Competition for 2006/2007.

Andrew Leam-TaylorFlags54412210
Nigel OrganStag in Mist49420021
Tony KaneRacer47233001
Alex LukePS Waverley in the Kyles of Bute34130210
Alex LukeBrighton Rock32211111
David ThwaiteJapanese Garden Kew29013221
Gill NealButterfly19102011
Tony KaneRacer and Sidecar19110102
Nigel OrganFishing Boat Reflection17011023
Ray EdwardsWaterfall16010123
Andrew Leam-TaylorMarine Engine16021000
Stefan RychlowskiLulworth Cove14002200
Stefan RychlowskiTenerife14002200
Sue JuddAngles Castle13100110
David ThwaiteTree on Chalkhill9100001
Richard GudgeDon't Feed The Animals7010001
Marcus ReynoldsTower Bridge4000012
Ann MoodySnow Trees4000020
Phillip EdwardsFormula Palmer Audi Brands Hatch3000100
Ray EdwardsSun Flower3000100
Sue JuddSablet Low Cloud3000100
Marcus ReynoldsSouthbank2000010
Ann MoodyLakeside Mirage0000000
Richard GudgeRed Rocket Steph0000000
Phillip EdwardsDavid Coulthard Red Bull Silverstone0000000

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