Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 17/18: Round 3

Round 3 of Laleham Camera Club's Richard Brown Challenge Trophy for 2017/18

Missing: 251:25 Missing: 251:19 Missing: 251:9 Missing: 251:5 Missing: 251:15

Paul ChisholmGarrick Temple54330311
David ThwaiteRosie40221121
Trevor LewisIts Still Life But Not As We Know It34121212
David ThwaiteDo Not Eat32212002
Paul ChisholmThe Red Forest32200250
Stephen LawrenceKing of the Riverbank27023100
Julia MustardPedestal of Life26210101
Dennis ParkerRidgebacks26121010
Alan MarlowOld Town Square Poznan16012010
Dennis ParkerSt Peters Altar12101000
Stephen LawrenceMurchison Falls10002002
Trevor LewisFar From The Madding Crowd7001011
Richard GudgeChurch Interior6000200
Julia MustardA Row To Row6000111
Mike AylettBallerina6000111
Alan MarlowPolish Steam Loco2000002
Richard GudgeManor House0000000

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