Richard Brown Challenge Trophy 17/18: Round 1

Round 1 of Laleham Camera Club's Richard Brown Challenge Trophy for 2017/18

Missing: 247:30 Missing: 247:21 Missing: 247:24 Missing: 247:4 Missing: 247:13 Missing: 247:7

Andy RingshawCornish Tranquility53411221
David ThwaiteCourtship50501111
Trevor LewisEagle Eye39212211
David ThwaiteAn Error of Judgement36131030
Stephen LawrenceA Glimpse Back In Time31121201
Alan McGeeMade Up30121111
Alan NashFishing Boat27013122
Paul ChisholmYou're Nicked24021210
Stefan RychlowskiLondon Zoo16101101
Stefan RychlowskiGuildford Church10011000
Julia MustardDolce Acque10010101
Alan NashNo Takers8001101
Trevor LewisAmaravati Blue7010001
Alan McGeeBone Crunching6001010
Alan MarlowCzech Loco in Brataslava4000101
Andy RingshawTower Bridge3000011
Alan MarlowMorris Minor2000010
Paul ChisholmPhil Collins2000010
Julia MustardItaly1000001
Anne RushtonCalm Country1000001
Anne RushtonStone Age Circle0000000
Stephen LawrenceRude Boys Picnic0000000

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